3M Detection System

Designed for use with 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips, this stylish, versatile and compact system provides excellent coverage to protect library items from loss. Along with a low frequency signal that minimizes interference with surrounding electronic equipment and an adjustable height detection zone, the system can be customized for exits and entrances. The unit can be installed in single- or dual-corridor widths and comes with a variety of mounting options: direct mount, base plate or buried cable. The Model 3500 is completely safe for all magnetic media, and because it protects library assets directly, there’s no need for locking cases. Along with a built-in red alarm light, it features an audible alarm and accurately identifi es items that trigger an alarm. In addition, the customer counter records the number of library visitors.

Design/Install Options

  • 36″ corridor width
  • Single- or double-corridor
  • Electronics mounted remotely
  • Variety of mounting options including direct mount, base plate or buried cable
  • Fits a variety of library decors
  • Meets ADA requirements

Excellent Security

  • Designed for 3M™ Tattle-Tape™ Security Strips
  • Completely safe for magnetic media
  • Installable within 18 inches of meta

Customer Counter

  • Records number of visitors

Low Frequency Technology

  • Minimizes interference with electronic equipment

Voice Alarm (Optional)

  • Wireless RF transmitter and receiver
  • Easily record and change message of your choice
  • Unobtrusive and non-discriminating
  • UL-certified